BGMI APK+OBB Download Latest Version : BattleGrounds Mobile India Apk

BGMI APK+OBB Download Latest Version: BattleGrounds Mobile India Apk is a game designed for mobile. Which is made only for India. Which is made by South Korea’s company Krafton. The concept of this game is such that there are 100 players in an innings, in which a team of 4-4 players is formed. They have to jump on an island by airplane and reach the island below, with guns, Helmets, Energy Drinks, etc. Supplies have to be picked up so that he can kill other players and his team can survive till the last. After some time the Blue Zone also comes, if you are in the Blue Zone Area then your player’s health starts decreasing. The team that survives to the last wins.

The Early Access Version of Battlegrounds Mobile India i.e. BGMI has been made available in India and people can install the BGMI apk on their Android smartphones from Google Play Store. Krafton, the company that makes this game Battlegrounds Mobile India for India, has officially launched the BGMI apk.

This new BGMI game is specially made for India and it is going to be available in India only. Also, this time special attention is being paid to the security of the data. So let us now know in detail about what is Battlegrounds Mobile India i.e. BGMI, and how to play it. Battlegrounds Mobile India game has become available for Android users. However, users can also download its APK and OBB files. Let’s know how you can download the APK file of this game.


BGMI APK+OBB Download Latest Version

APK Name BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India)
Current Version2.0.0
Last Updated9 May 2022
SizeVaries with device
DeveloperKRAFTON, Inc


BGMI is an online multiplayer game for mobile devices, which is available in India. In this game, 100 people have to fight with each other on an island and at the same time survive on their own. The player who stays in the game till the last becomes the winner of the game. Games like BGMI are called Battle Royal Games.

The BGMI game or Battlegrounds Mobile India game made for India is made by video game development company Krafton. This is a South Korean company. This game is available to play in a Free to Play i.e. free of cost. Battlegrounds Mobile India Early Access Version has been brought by Krafton, which is a beta version of the game. After this version, the final version of the game can come with many changes and new features. At present, Android users can install the BGMI game from the Google Play Store.

The size or shape of the BGMI apk game may vary by device. The size of the BGMI apk for Android devices is around 700 MB. BGMI apk in Android devices requires Android version 5.1.1 or higher and at least 2GB of RAM. Apart from this, devices with iOS 9.0 or above can run BGMI apk.

To create a BGMI Game ID, you can log in to BGMI with Facebook or Twitter ID and enter your character’s name. After that, you can start playing the BGMI game. So let’s now know how to play BGMI –

How to download the BGMI APK+OBB Download Latest Version file?

Battlegrounds Mobile India ie BGMI can be downloaded through an APK + OBB files. For this, users have to follow some steps.

  1. First of all, users have to click on the APK link, after which the files will have to be downloaded.
  2. After download, you can access this file from the Downloads folder.
  3. To Install it, users have to go to Settings and enable Install from unknown sources.
  4. You have to click on the file to download Battlegrounds Mobile India. After this, the application has to be allowed to install.
  5. Once the file is downloaded, users will have to move OBB Files to the OBB folder.
  6. For this, users have to go to Internal Storage > Android > OBB and paste the OBB files. Now BGMI will start working.

BGMI APK OBB Download Gameplay

Here’s a look at the earlier BGMI gameplay. If you want to play the BGMI game then you have to understand step by step, so that it can be easily known how to play the BGMI game.


In the BGMI game, the game starts as soon as you press Start and all 100 players gather in one place. Sometimes the player is disconnected even less than 100. After this, all 100 players are in a plane and they have to jump down from the airplane by pressing the Jump button.

BGMI APK OBB DownloadPhone me pubg game kaise khela jata hai

The player can jump to any place on the island by pressing Jump by looking at the places on the map.
Ongoing down, the parachute opens automatically or you can open it by pressing Parachute earlier as well.
In the BGMI game, the player has to kill other players and survive till the last by protecting himself from other players.

BGMI APK OBB pubg game kisne banaya

After landing on the island, players have to find Supplies, which is also called loot.
Supplies i.e. to fight enemies, different types of guns, bullets, health kits to increase the health of the player, bandages, helmets for protection, jackets, etc. are available.
In the BGMI game, such supplies or loot are found in the surrounding houses, so after landing on the island, one has to go to the small, big houses on the island to find the supplies quickly.

If you’ve got a gun like supplies, how to use it requires understanding the basic controls of the BGMI game.

BGMI APK Download New Version 2022 Controls

To control the BGMI apk, some controls (buttons) are given on the screen of the phone, which can be used by different features when pressed. How to play the BGMI game with these controls, let’s understand with the help of Screenshots below.

BGMI APK Download
BGMI APK Controls
  1. This button is used to shoot (fire) enemies with a gun. These buttons are given on both sides.
  2. This is the Peek and Fire Mode button which is meant to be seen from behind a cover. You can enable this option by going to Settings.
  3. This is the control for walking and running. To change the direction of your character, swipe left on the screen.
  4. It opens your bag, in which you can see the Supplies filled in the bag and can also drop them from here or use any Supplies.
  5. There are health kits, bandages, energy drinks, etc. Supplies in it, using which you can increase your health.
  6. By clicking on the gun, you can change the gun, set the auto or single-shot mode, or keep the gun inside.
  7. It contains Ned, Smoke, etc., which can be thrown anywhere.
  8. This is the option of speaker and mic, you can start or stop them from here. Below that is the option to run, which when touched makes the player run on Auto mode.
  9. By touching and rotating the icon of this eye, you can see back and forth and around.
  10. This is the message option in which there is a list of some quick messages, from here you can give quick messages to your team.
  11. You can use the scope by touching on the top icon, the bottom icon is for Jump.
  12. The first icon given here is for gun reload. Can sit below the second icon and lie down below the third.

Other players also land around you, they also find Supplies and come in front of each other. Now here you keep getting Enemies ahead, you have to avoid them and fight in houses, taking cover of trees.

If you kill Enemies, then their Supplies also remain in a box, which you can take, and loot. There is also a lot of hiding place in the BGMI game, it is not necessary that you have to fight with the enemy. If you are left in the last without even fighting anyone, then you can win the BGMI game.

All the players on this island have to stay inside the circle of a safe zone which is of white color. This safe zone gradually becomes smaller than what you see on the map. On staying outside the circle, there comes a blue zone circle, if left inside, the player’s health gets used and the player ends when his health is reduced. After a while, airplanes also keep coming inside the circle, and from it, the Supplies come down through the parachute, which Is called AirDrop Supplies. In this drop comes a big gun, grass suit, helmet, scope, etc.

In this way players fight with each other and in the end, only a few players out of 100 are left. The circle also gets smaller and smaller, which means all the players are left with very less space on the island. In the last game, only a few players are in the circle, where the game becomes very interesting. The last player left after facing each other becomes the winner of the BGMI game.

The biggest reason why people like the BGMI game so much is because of the fantastic and realistic experience of this game. You can live chat with your team or other players while playing this online multiplayer game BGMI. The graphics of this game are very good so that this game can be played with a reality-like experience. To fight in the BGMI game, the player gets Car, Gun, Scope, Ned, Boat, Smoke, Healthkit, etc. from place to place on the map, which the player can use and the player enjoys playing this game. The BGMI game becomes very interesting while playing.

BGMI game starts with Level 1, as you start playing well in the game, this level also increases, and with this Enemies also start coming into the game with more levels. The player who goes far ahead in the BGMI game and plays the game better is called BGMI Pro Player. Hope you liked this information about BGMI apk download new version 2022 i.e. BGMI game.

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