What is PC on Instagram and WhatsApp ?

You will get complete information about PC full form on Instagram, WhatsApp or Full Name here. The term PC is commonly used by many people for a computer. You must be aware that computer is being used in every field or everywhere. With this, it has become quite common nowadays to call a computer a PC. But many people do not know what is the full form of the word PC or what is the full name of PC.

What is the full form of PC?

The full form or full name of a PC is Personal Computer. Personal computers are the most used and many tasks can be done easily through them.

PC – Personal Computer

PC full form on Instagram

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What a PC means? – PC Meaning

PC is a small size computer, which has a very low starting price and is designed for personal use by one person. PC means a desktop computer or single-user computer. The computer used in our homes is called a PC.

Through their personal computer, people do their work, work in business or job and play games, entertainment etc. on daily basis.

PC i.e. Personal Computer came into vogue during the 1970s. A popular personal computer at that time was the Apple II which was made by the Apple company. IBM’s first personal computer arrived in 1981, which was known as the IBM PC.

IBM PC was used by many people as a personal computer. Earlier PC was only called IBM’s computer, but today it is called the common computer used by people.

A personal computer includes a System Unit (CPU), Monitor, Keyboard mouse etc. Ports are provided to connect external devices in the PC, through which Printer, Speakers, External Hard-disk and other things can be connected to the computer.

Documents can be read through a personal computer. A spreadsheet can be created by this. It can also be used to play video games.

Many tasks can be done by connecting a PC to the Internet. You can view your email on PC. Through PC, you can watch a lot on the Internet, download programs or files or connect with friends on social media.

Difference between PC and Computer

There are some differences between PC and Computer. Just as a PC is said for a personal computer, there are many other types of computers as well.

A PC is a small-sized computer designed to be used easily by one person or by a few people to use.

Talking about the same computer, it also includes small to huge computers, which are used at the industrial level.

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