Have you ever seen a blue lobster?

A very rare blue lobster was caught by a father and son while fishing in Maine.

The bright blue lobster has been caught in the waters of the ocean beyond Peaks Island, Rand said.

Mark Rand and his son Luke Rand have stated that the shellfish will not be eaten.

A rare blue lobster caught near Peaks Island is about to get a new home.

it will live in a tank at their family restaurant, Becky's Diner in Portland, which is run by Becky Rand, Mark's wife and Luke's mom.

He and his dad will take care of the lobster and feed it with fish before it is brought to the restaurant.

The chances of getting a blue lobster are one in two million.

The blue colour is due to a genetic defect and appears only once on two million lobsters.

Rand and his father have been fishermen together for over two decades.