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WhatsApp Payments Cashback – Get Rs. 105 Cashback Offer

WhatsApp Payments Cashback: There is a payment feature on WhatsApp through which users can get cashback. For making online payments using the WhatsApp payment feature, users are being given a cashback of Rs 105 for making payments under this offer. This offer will be given to the users three times. Meaning, that after every single transaction, WhatsApp is getting a chance to get a cashback of Rs 35. WhatsApp ios users in India are getting a notification for a cashback of Rs 105. This notification is visible at the top of the WhatsApp app.

WhatsApp Payments Cashback

If you pay through WhatsApp, you can get a cashback of Rs 105. You get Rs 35 on one payment and Rs 35-35-35 on making three such payments i.e. you can get a total of Rs 105. For this, you can also transfer 1 rupee. However, this WhatsApp cashback is being given to select users for a limited time only. If you want to take advantage of this offer, then you have to keep in mind that both the sender and receiver accounts should be on WhatsApp Payments. Keep in mind that the bank link and WhatsApp number should be the same.

How to get Cashback on WhatsApp 

1. To get cashback you have to first go to the WhatsApp app, and here you have to choose the number to which you want to send money

2. Go to the number and click on the option of payment and then you have to add your bank account here. For this, click on ‘Get Started’ and follow the further process to get your mobile number registered with the bank verified.

3. After this, when your bank account is added here, then you can get cashback by sending money to anyone. This cashback comes directly to your bank account.

4. If users want, they can also get a cashback of Rs 35 by sending Re 1 through WhatsApp Payment. There is no limit on the amount to be transferred. Therefore, even if you send less than Rs 35, you can get a cashback of at least Rs 35. But this offer is for a limited time only and select customers. For this, you can check the offer by going to your WhatsApp payment section.

5. If you are eligible for this promotion scheme, you will see a gift button after sending money to any users. WhatsApp users also need to keep in mind that this payment cashback offer will be available for different users at different times and will be for a limited time only.

Once you get the cashback option, you can send money to any registered WhatsApp user to get Rs 35 cashback. If the people you want to send money to are not on WhatsApp, then you have to invite them on WhatsApp. Let us tell you that WhatsApp has not put any minimum amount condition regarding this cashback offer. Also, a WhatsApp user will get a cashback reward only once per user. This offer is only for those users who are using WhatsApp Pay for the first time. This offer is not for those who have already used WhatsApp Pay. Users using WhatsApp Pay for the first time will get a cashback of Rs 35 with the first three transactions.

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