Paytm All-in-One QR : How to get All in One QR Code for Shop

All in one QR code is very useful for accepting UPI payments. Nowadays people are preferring to make online payments and UPI payment is becoming very popular in shops. If you have a shop or you have started a new shop, then you must create QR Code to receive online payment from customers. All in One QR Code is a QR code that is capable of receiving payments from all UPI apps. Today, many companies are providing the facility to receive payment from various UPI platforms through their QR Code. Through All in One QR Code, you can upgrade your shop or business and take payment from UPI.

If you want to create a QR Code, from which payment can be received from all UPI App, then you can easily create QR Code for your shop or business. Many companies offer this type of QR Code, you can create QR Code from any company according to you. Here in this article we are going to give you information about Paytm’s All in One QR Code as well as how to create Paytm QR Code.

Paytm All-in-One QR

Through Paytm All in One QR Code, you can receive payment from all payment modes, including Paytm UPI, Paytm Wallet, Paytm Postpaid and all UPI apps.

Features of Paytm All-in-One QR Code

  • There is only one QR code to take payment from all the payment modes, no matter which UPI app you want to take payment.
  • This suvidha is available with 0% Fee, in which there is no charge for taking payment from UPI and Rupay Card.
  • There is fast bank settlement in this, in which automatic settlement is done in the next business day or it is done instantly in just a few clicks.
  • In this, you get the facility of Single Point Reconciliation for all your payments like any UPI App, Paytm Wallet, Credit / Debit Card and Netbanking & ENI.
  • You can manage your account in which view payments, bank settlements, initiate refunds, manage disputes, download reports and more facilities are available.

How to get Paytm All in One QR?

  1. To create Paytm All in one QR Code, you must first install Paytm for business App.
  2. After this you can login to this app with your Paytm account or mobile number.
  3. After login, a page will open in front of you, where you have to click on “Get Your All-in-QR Code” button.
  4. After this you will have to give information about your business and provide your bank details.
  5. After completing all the process, your Paytm All-in-One QR Code is generated.
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