Which Correctly Lists Three Greenhouse Gases? (Answer)


Which correctly lists three greenhouse gases? If you are looking for the answer to this question then you have come to the right place. Here you will get complete information about Three Greenhouse Gases with this question. So let us know what are greenhouse gases and how does it affect the environment.

Which correctly lists three greenhouse gases?

Q. Which correctly lists three greenhouse gases?

a) oxygen, carbon dioxide, helium
b) carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane
c) helium, methane, oxygen
d) methane, oxygen, carbon dioxide 

Ans. – b) carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane

Option b is the correct answer to th is question. Carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, and methane are all three greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases are the gases that are mainly responsible for the increase in temperature. This greenhouse gas is different from other gases present in the atmosphere such as oxygen, nitrogen, etc., because greenhouse gases remain in the atmosphere. The gases present in the greenhouse absorb heat, due to which the temperature of the earth increases. Due to the increase in the amount of these greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, excess heat is being held, due to which the temperature of the earth is increasing more.


Carbon dioxide (CO2) is an important heat-trapping gas found in the atmosphere, which also spreads to the atmosphere through human activities such as deforestation and natural processes such as the burning of fossil fuels, exhalation, and volcanic eruptions. Currently, due to human activities, these greenhouse gases (CHGs) are being emitted more. The increasing temperature due to these greenhouse gases has many adverse effects on the climate.

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