Web Series Meaning – TV series vs Web Series

Web Series are in a lot of discussions nowadays and at this time new web series is coming on various OTT platforms. People are now very fond of watching web series and gradually its popularity is increasing. But even today many people do not know about the meaning of web series. Nowadays on social media people talk about the popular characters of the new popular web series, due to which more people come to know about the new web series. With the release of the new web series, many people share photos or posts related to it on social media and give their reactions.

Web Series is also called Web Show. Many people around the world are preferring to watch web series online videos. Many OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney + are becoming very popular for web series.

Many web series is being made in English and different languages. In recent times, many web series have been hit on Netflix and other digital platforms. But still many people do not have much information about what a web series is. So let us tell you about the web series in detail.

What is meant by Web Series?

A web series is a series of video episodes, which are released on the Internet. It is also known as Webisode. Web Series are different from the already running TV shows and movies. The web series is broadcast through digital platforms.

All the episodes of the web series can be released simultaneously or even one episode is shown in a week. There is no time restriction in web series. A web series can have 10 to 12 episodes, apart from this, more than one season of the web series also comes.

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Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube and many such OTT platforms are popular for web series. There are many such streaming services available in India today. Many web series can be seen online on these platforms. With the increase in the use of the internet and social media, web series can also be seen emerging a lot. After the arrival of web series, now the way of entertainment is becoming new.

Why are Web Series so popular?

Just as most people like to watch movies, in the same way, watching web series is also being liked a lot. There are many reasons to like it, which makes it different from the entertainment that has been going on before.

The story of the web series is very interesting, due to which people are liking it more. If people like the story of web series, then they tell their friends about it. The availability of the Internet and the ability to watch on digital devices like small smartphones to large TVs also make it more popular than any other medium.

Web Series can be seen from any place wherever the internet is available. It can be seen on smartphones, tablets, and computers. It can also be seen on smart television and through streaming devices. In many streaming services, the user also gets the feature of episode web series, so that later it can be watched without the internet.

How to watch web series?

Now the question comes that how to watch web series, just like a TV channel is needed to watch a TV serial and for this, it is paid to the TV cable operator or DTH company.

Similarly, to watch web series, money has to be paid in the form of a subscription on OTT platforms like Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video.

There doesn’t need to be a subscription on all platforms. Free web series can also be seen on Youtube and some other online streaming platforms or apps like it. There is no subscription charge to watch web series available on such platforms.

But advertisements or advertisements are also shown on these platforms. There are many web series created by YouTube creators on Youtube too, which have been well-liked.

What is the difference between TV series and web series?

There is a lot of difference between the already running TV serial and web series serial. A serial is released on a TV channel, which airs every day at a fixed time.

But the web series is not released on TV. The web series is released only on the Internet. After the release of the web series, it can be watched at any time.

Many episodes of a TV serial are made and the telecast of the serial goes on for many months or years. But web series mostly consist of 8 to 10 episodes in a season.

How do I watch a web series?

There are many Apps or OTT Platforms available to watch web series on your smartphone or another device, where you can watch popular and new web series.

On these platforms, you have to take a subscription plan, while some platforms are also free. But you also have to see ads on the free platform. Some Web Series Apps are –

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Disney+
  • Youtube TV
  • Hulu
  • ESPN+
  • HBO Max

Apart from these, there are many apps which are known for web series. For web series or any other information, you can comment below.




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