What is Static and Dynamic Website? (Differences)

What is Static and Dynamic Website? You must have heard the name of Static Website and Dynamic Website. Nowadays internet users are growing very fast and people visit many websites from their smartphones, computers. Websites are generally divided into two types, which are Static Website and Dynamic Website. Apart from this, while creating a website, many people have the option of creating a Static Website or Dynamic Website. But many people are not aware of what is called static and dynamic website and what is the difference between them. Today in this article we are going to tell you about Static and Dynamic Website.

What is Static and Dynamic Website ?

What is Static Website?

Static website is the most common type of website, in which the amount of web pages and content is limited. In this type of website, the same content is shown to all the users. Apart from this, HTML is usually used in static websites, due to which it is also easier to create and host a static website.

What is Dynamic Website?

Dynamic Websites are different from normal websites in which the content can change according to the user. It also uses HTML as well as other web programming and database design, due to which it is hard to build a dynamic website from the beginning and it is also expensive to host.

Difference between static website and dynamic website

Static Website   Dynamic Website 
The the content is pre-made, which does not change every time the page is loaded New content is created very quickly and can change frequently.
Its content remains the same for every user visiting the site and the content does not change according to the individual activity of the user Different content can be shown to different users according to the circumstances like place, time, language.
Web pages are limited, which are with their own special layout. There are many web pages in it and new pages are prepared very quickly i.e. even in real time.
Client side HTML and CSS are used in such a website It also uses Server Side Scripting Language along with Client Side, which may include PHP, JavaScript, ASP etc.


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