OneCard Credit Card Review – Lifetime Free Metal Credit Card


OneCard Credit Card Review: You are going to get complete information about OneCard Credit Card Review and Eligibility, Charges, Apply Process etc. of this credit card here. If you want to get a Lifetime Free Credit Card and want to get a credit card without any income proof and salary slip, then OneCard is one such credit card that will help you easily without these documents. Can get it. Even if you are not eligible for this credit card, you can easily make a Onecard credit card. To create a OneCard credit card, only a fixed deposit is required, but for that FD you do not need to open a separate bank account.

Apart from this, this credit card can be available at a very low FD amount, for which you have to open an FD of at least 2000 rupees. Attractive offers are available for payment on many platforms with OneCard. So let’s know what is OneCard and how to make Onecard easily.

What is OneCard? OneCard Credit Card Review

OneCard Credit Card is a metal credit card, which comes with a lot of attractive features. OneCard is quite simple to use and it provides better control to the user. This is a Visa Signature Card, in which the facility of International Transaction is also available, that is, you can make international payments with it.

You can control this credit card with the help of OneCard App, which includes setting the PIN of the app, Credit Card Bill Payment, Activating your Onecard, Changing Credit and Cash Withdrawal Limit, Using Virtual Credit Card, Domestic International Usage and Controlling online-offline usage etc and many more similar features can be used.

Apart from OneCard Credit Card, you also get a Virtual Credit Card in OneCard App, which can be used to make all online and mobile app-related payments. OneCard is an international credit card that is accepted for international use. Swipe to Pay facility is available on this credit card, through which you can complete the transaction by going to the app for online shopping or online payment.

Features of OneCard Credit Card

  • There is no joining fee for this credit card.
  • There are also no Annu al Fees for Onecard.
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  • Apart from this, no Rewards Redemption Fees are applicable.
  • This credit card is a Lifetime Free Credit Card.
  • Many features of this card can be controlled with the help of OneCard App.
  • This card can be got only with a minimum FD of Rs 2000.
  • Every month 5X Reward Points are available in the Top 2 Category.
  • Points can be redeemed immediately by going to OneCard App.
  • There is no minimum limit to redeeming Points, you can also redeem at least Points.
  • There is no charge for redeeming the points.
  • It has 1% Forex Fees which is a very low fee in the market.
  • OneCard is a Metal Credit Card i.e. this credit card is made by Metal. Credit cards are usually made of plastic, but with Onecard, you get a chance to use a metal credit card.

The entire process of creating this credit card is digital and you can easily activate your Onecard in a few minutes. With this credit card, you can get 5X Rewards Points by spending in the top 2 categories. Points received in this are immediately credited to the account, apart from this, these Rewards Points never expire. In this, points are not obtained by Rounding Off, but Fractional Points are also obtained in this, that is, you get points completely.

OneCard EMI facility is also available for the user with this card. You can buy it completely and pay it in instalments.

OneCard Credit Card Eligibility

If you want to apply for one card then there should be some general eligibility or eligibility for it –

  • You must be above 18 years of age.
  • You must be a citizen of India.
  • You must have Pan Card and Aadhar Card.

How to make OneCard Credit Card?

Even if your credit score is low or you do not have income documents available, you can still get this credit card by completing some easy steps. Many times many people are not eligible for the credit card provided by the bank or due to some other reasons their credit card is not approved. But in OneCard, you can complete the whole process in a few minutes and if you are not eligible for this card, you can easily get this credit card. So how to make OneCard Credit Card? Let us know about it with all the steps –

1. To apply to OneCard, first, you have to enter OneCard App on your phone from here – Apply Now

2. After this you have to verify your mobile number. Now you have to go to Start Application and on the next page, you will have to verify your Email ID.

3. After this, you will have to enter your general information like name, date of birth, address etc.

4. On the next page you have to enter your Pan Card number and now you have to confirm all the details. After completing this process you will have to complete the Identity Verification process.

5. After this, on the next page, Verify Income or Create FD option will appear, in which you have to go to Create FD.

6. Here you have to make a fixed deposit of at least 2000 rupees. You can also do FD of more amount according to you, which gives you a higher credit card limit.

7. Now you have to upload your selfie, enter your bank account details and pay for FD through UPI or other means.

8. After this your Fixed Deposit Status takes some time to be confirmed. After FD Confirmation, Virtual Credit Card will be started in your OneCard App immediately, which you can use online.

Apart from this, OneCard Credit Card will be received at the address given by you in a few days, so that you can use it on an online platform or offline store.

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